incredible morning

I cannot begin to express how much I love people. This morning was beautiful. so incredibly wonderful. I woke up already with the decision that I will not attend a business meeting I had because it did not feel right. It sounds so silly and irresponsible. Hoewever, it was not mandatory and it simply did not feel right. I woke up, got dressed, spotted a bit of makeup and left for starbucks. The one farthest from my home. But at this particular starbucks, I find the most peculiar instances. Today, I was searching yoga retreats, spiritual regressions, more info on the Way of St. James etc. and I overheard a man with tattoos and a woman of age speaking about organic foods and probiotics and i casually jumped in by suggesting Kombucha for a stomach probiotic. We all began to converse. Incredbile, someone who I would have origionally judged as a redneck, a mindless old lady, and me. The man was getting his PHd in education, the woman was an teacher for autistic kids seeking a healthier lifestyle… and I was there smiling, listening to their accomplishments, their troubles and what they’ve learned from life etc. I felt as through i was getting all of these life secrets for free. The woman went on a speech about how one must be happy in life because this is it. She said it with such power that I began to tear. I was soooo at the verge of crying hysterically because it’s true. This is it, my friends, we are the life we live. we are it. we are the present, the past, the future and the next of the next. We are one. We are us. We must live it great and happily. She mentioned that of course, things may turn out not the way we wish, but we must sway through it and work with it because that’s life and we can’t blame ourselves. The guy disagreed and said that sometimes things are out fault but we must still be happy. She was a God for me for that hour or so. She said, “you know what? I am happy. I can truely say that I am happy and you know what? people gravitate towards happy people” and the guy said, “and it’s crazy to think that people think you’re crazy if someone’s genuinely happy” i loved it so much. We spoke of medicine, herbs, yoga, accomplishments, goals, health, salmon, veganism, vegetarianism, happiness, positivity, and llife. I loved it so much. Thank you universe, because i did not go to that business meeting but instead, i left a cafe smiling for a straight 20 minutes. 

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